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About Us

Welcome to the website of the non-profit association for the promotion of internationality at higher educational institutions in Dortmund (“InterStuDo e.V.”)


According to our charter, the non-profit association for the promotion of internationality at higher educational institutions in Dortmund (“InterStuDo e.V.”) pursues the “aim of promoting international cooperation and the integration of international applicants for university places, current students and academics with regard to language, regional studies, and socio-cultural aspects at higher educational institutions in Dortmund”. Since it was founded in 2003, the association, in line with the purpose laid down in its charter, offers preparatory courses in German as a Foreign Language in order to prepare their participants directly for the DSH examinations (language qualifications required by universities of prospective international students as a precondition of acceptance for study). On the basis of the cooperation agreement with the TU Dortmund University (TU Dortmund), InterStuDo e.V. works closely together with the Department of Foreign Languages of its “Centre for Higher Education”.


In addition to the German courses offered to international applicants, the association considers one of its fundamental tasks to be preparing German students studying in Dortmund optimally for international experiences related to studies and professional life. It therefore pursues the aim – complementing the courses offered by the Department of Foreign Languages of the “zhb” – of implementing and successively expanding a self-contained supplementary range of courses in foreign languages for students at higher educational institutions in Dortmund. Alongside refresher courses, conversation courses, courses in grammar and preparatory courses towards international language certificates, further language courses can also be offered according to current demand. If, therefore, there is interest in a language that is not currently part of InterStuDo's programme (Swedish or Hungarian, for example), and there are sufficient potential participants, such a course can be organised on request. One-to-one and intensive trainings for small groups can also be organised on request.


Our language courses are not only intended to serve as opportunities for further education and/or to help to brush up on existing language skills; the courses are also supposed to be fun. Grades and credits are not awarded in our courses; we are, however, happy to issue a certificate of participation upon completion of the course on request, detailing the number of hours spent in class.


We wish participants in our courses a lot of success and fun in their language learning! We are always available to respond to suggestions and requests.

The InterStuDo e.V. Team